Aloe vera is widely known in the Philippines as a natural herbal remedy for treating burns, cuts and wounds, and promoting thick and shiny hair. Commonly grown as a house plant, the aloe vera’s leaves contain a rich gel-like substance, which is usually applied directly to the skin or scalp.

girls-524239_960_720The aloe vera (scientific name: Aloe Barbadensis) is the most popular among the family of aloe plants and originated from North Africa. It figured prominently in traditional folk medicine and was also believed to be used by the Native Americans and those in the Caribbean to treat scalp infections and promote hair growth.

The aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties that relieve scalp itching and irritation, and remove dandruff and flaking. It stimulates hair growth by keeping hair pores clean, allowing new hair strands to push through the pores, and nourishing the hair follicles for stronger and longer hair strands. Aloe vera also has a moisturizing property that keeps hair strands from becoming brittle and falling off easily.

And now, the hair growing properties of aloe vera are now in a bottle – in Novuhair, nature’s answer to hair loss. As one of its active ingredients, Novuhair brings you the wonders of aloe vera to your daily hair care regimen.

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Gwendoline Ruais – Miss World 2011 1st Princess – Philippines

Gwendolyn Ruais testimonial
I’m a lover of the sun, sand and sea and I understand the skin and hair damage that heavy exposure to the sun can bring.

So what do I do to combat the harmful effects of my favourite season of the year?

My secret lies in Novuhair 3-in-1 Topical Scalp Lotion, Herbal Shampoo and Herbal Conditioner. Read more

Raymond Domingo – 41, Makati City – Philippines

Hair loss?

I can feel where most of you are coming from – believe me… been there, done that:) But such an unpleasant continuing experience became a productive awakening call for me. The biggest mistake I’ve done when I was at my teen age was… I HAVE COMPLETELY IGNORED such comments from friends and denied my alarming hair problem. Well, I admit it – the truth hurts:( I have counteracted such ridicule from friends that it’s genetic… runs in our family… Well, in fact, it does… Oh my, I’m doing it again.
Psychology clearly defines this type of personality defense mechanism as rationalization – giving the right reason but not the true reason, lol:) I have tried having shorter hair cut styles just to hide the truth and not to make the obvious too apparent. If you have the means now to address this issue, go straight to the nearest Mercury Drug or Watsons pharmacy and grab a bottle of Novuhair and start the treatment. I am recommending to you the safer and effective alternative, not to mention the cost-effective benefit as compared with other treatments. I am using the product and I know the product by heart – researched each ingredient and the proven benefits.

Believe me, I felt happy using Novuhair not because of the desired result I have achieved in addressing my thinning hair and excessive hair fall, but because of the level of confidence that I have gained. The anxiety brought about by thinning hair and the fact that you can’t hide it (not unless you opt to add more damage to the problem by wearing a fashionable cap all the time) Sometimes, I still receive the same ridicule from new friends who haven’t seen the worse that my hair has gone through. However, I am more confident now because I am doing something about it and Novuhair never failed me. Yes, it requires commitment and consistency to use the product… But it’s equally rewarding. For old friends, they have seen the difference.

My recommendation – monitor your progress monthly. Have your hair checked via Novuhair’s free hair and scalp analysis. Continuously use Novuhair. Every month, have it checked again to monitor objectively the difference. It’s worth the investment. I hope I was able to shed light and hopefully hear your success stories in the future using Novuhair:)

JULS – Philippines

Hi Mr. Editor,nakaka-2 bottles na po ako ng NOVUHAIR at nakakatuwa na naging healthy na ulit ang scalp ko, mula sa shiny scalp ngayon ay chicken skin na siya… madaming tumutubo na hair…

JOEY – Philippines

I have tried to use the Novuhair lotion last March 5,2012 because after a month using a chemical-based solution given to me by a dermatologist, of which turned in no effects, and to my surprise after a week of using it, there comes in my shiny 2? bald spot – a “chicken skin” like which is telling me that something is happening.
I continued using Novuhair and after 2 weeks there is what Allan Vergara said as tiny white hair which makes me happy. And now, June 13,2012 I have my hair back in full. I also stopped using “commercial shampoos” and stick to herbal shampoo while at the same time live a healthier lifestyle by running at least twice a week to release body toxins which I think causes the improper blood flow through our scalp.

Thanks Novuhair!

Christell – Philippines

Hi, thank you for the advice it means a lot to me. Anyway, its been 3 weeks since the first time na ginamit ko yung Novuhair and continuous pa din yung paggamit ko, so 2 times a day/everyday. I noticed na ang daming improvement, first is yung hair fall ko nabawasan na then nawala na yung dandruff and of course the best thing is meron ng tumutubo at ang dami na. So I am very happy with the result using Novuhair. There are no regrets buying it! Thumbs up:)

Joseph – Philippines

Ako rin kakabili ko pa lang 3 days ago, talagang pinag-ipunan ko kahit may kamahalan… 2 days ko na siyang gamit, medyo nararamdama ko na may improvement nga when it comes sa buhok… sinasabayan ko rin ng pag gamit ng suklay Tiens para talagang mas lalong maging effective>
sana tuloy tuloy na ang improvement ng buhok ko.

Allan Vergara – 33, Valenzuela City, Philippines

I bought 1 bottle of Novuhair last may 24, 2010. Nagulat ako sa bilis ng resulta ng NOVUHAIR sa akin. I had bald spot on my scalp, kasing laki ng limang piso. I once called Novuhair hotline para tanungin kung pwede ba sa case ko ang Novuhair, but they suggested na magpa-consult muna ko sa aking derma before ako gumamit ng product because there’s no guarantee na tutubo ang buhok ko sa case ko, but it can help daw ma-prevent na dumami yung bald spot and it is safe naman daw to use it because its ingredients are all natural. Nung nalaman kong safe naman pla gamitin, I didn’t hesitate to try it without consulting my dermatologist. After 2 weeks na matiyagang pag-massage sa scalp ko, napansin kong may mga tumutubong maliliit na buhok sa ulo ko. Medyo natakot lang ako nung una dahil imbes na itim na buhok ang tumubo, kulay mamuti-muti. Itinuloy ko pa rin ang paggamit at sa isa pang linggong paggamit, napansin ko na ‘yung mga tumutubong maliliit na puting buhok ay naging itim na. Kaya naman tinuluy-tuloy ko na ang paggamit. And after 6 months, humaba yung mga maliliit na buhok na tumubo sa akin. Gulat na gulat talaga ako sa resulta and that’s all because of 1 bottle of Novuhair. And now, I’m planning to buy another bottle. Thank you NOVUHAIR… More power!!!!

Cyril Balboa – 28, Pasig City, Philippines

Good day! For two months of using Novuhair, I’ve noticed that there’s an improvement on my thinning hair. It lessens the hair fall and helps nourish scalp and thin hairs. I use it twice a day by spraying on the scalp and applying a gentle massage using my fingertips. It has a cooling effect on the scalp and has a tolerable strong scent due maybe to its ingredients like lemongrass oil and peppermint oil. I’ll continue using this product to benefit from its effect on falling and thinning hair. What’s good about this product is that its ingredients came from plant extracts.

Andrew Wolff – Mr. World 2012 1st Runner-up – Philippines

Andrew Wollf testimonial

I’m 6 feet and two inches, 27-year old, half-British, half-Filipino, a model, actor and Rugby player, Philippines Volcanoes-member and Mr. World 2012 Runner-up.

I’ve inherited my receding hairline from my dad. Hailing from a family with a history of alopecia, the “fear” of losing my ‘crowning glory’ is founded on a great possibility. Alopecia generally refers to loss of hair on the body or head, and is more popularly referred to as baldness. Some of the causes include diabetes, fungal infections, iron deficiency, hormonal changes, and yes, it can also be hereditary.

Role model ka, you always have to look good, so dapat ma-maintain yung hindi lang balat, pati dapat hair mo. And in these times of chemicals and advanced technologies, my option of finding a natural answer to thinning hair is just as admirable.

So when I’ve learned of nature’s tried, tested and proven solution – Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion – from my friend Fanny Serrano, I’ve tried it in a heartbeat. It contains natural ingredients like the essential oils of lavender, virgin coconut, peppermint, lemon grass, and rosemary, moringa oleifera, aloe barbadensis, as well as panax ginseng and biotin. And since it was conveniently available in both scalp lotion and herbal shampoo formulations, I was able to easily incorporate its use to my daily routine.

And it worked…

My improved hair condition gave me an awesome confidence boost to shine in the 2012 Mr. World pageant, and made me the ‘man of the hour’. And just like everyone else, I’ve found the best hair solution in the most ideal source: nature.