Stress is a part of life. Young and old folks have to deal with hardships and overcome obstacles

While some struggle to build a career, fulfill financial security, or juggle work and family demands, others may experience failing health or dwindling finances. Sometimes, they are simply challenged by keeping their independence.

Unfortunately, the body’s natural defenses against chronic pressure gradually break down with age. But you don’t have to give in to this just because you’re no longer young.

Stress, anger and holding onto grudges can be very damaging. The former, in particular, causes our skin age at a faster rate. Due to hormonal changes it brings, there occur acne, psoriasis, hives, and skin itching and thinning. Living in chronic pressure, the skin is deprived of essential nutrients, thus making it looks dull and gray.
Whether it’s dark circles, pallid patches, a giant pimple, or what looks like a whole new set of crow’s feet, stress has its toll on your physical appearance. That’s a classic sign of stress aging.
This is what happens when an overload of life adds years to your looks. It can age your face far more quicky than the passage of time.

Here’s the reality: Stress can age you three to six years or more. And it’s a familiar, vicious cycle. It affects your beauty, and when you’re not happy with it, you’re not doing well in general and you can’t cope with stress so easily. Which then comes back to take a bite out of your beauty again and again.

So any effort to destress will be a good investment to keep the signs of old-age at bay. Rest and recreation to decrease strain levels will surely make your day. You may also opt to meditate, take a brisk walk everyday, visit the gym to flex some muscles regularly.

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