Oldie is but goodie

So you woke up this morning, wash your face and, then, unintentionally glanced at yourself in the mirror. Alas! That freaking fine line on your forehead is getting noticeably more prominent.


Sign of aging, as they say. But instead of frowning at the thought that you’re looking mature than your actual age, smile to relax your facial muscle and somehow even it out to avoid it from becoming more of a wrinkle.


A growing body of research hints that a person’s take on aging has its toll on his wellbeing. To wit, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) found out in a study that the attitudes of people toward aging have a dramatic effect on their physical and emotional health later in life. People tend to think about getting old aging in terms of cognitive and physical decline, while taking no account of its manifold positive aspects.


As per the new analysis published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, researchers detailed the outcomes of their initiative after analyzing the Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging (TILDA) at TCD. They examined the aging process of more than 4,000 adults. After which, they discovered a handful of interesting links between how each individual viewed their aging process and their actual physical and mental conditions.

Based on their findings, older adults who have negative feelings about getting old had poor cognitive capacities and slower walking speeds after a couple of years than those who are optimistic about it. It’s still similar even after factors, such as other health changes, life circumstances, mood and medication were considered. Pessimism to aging, likewise, influenced how various health statuses manifested.


For example, risks of many health problems, including worse cognition, were higher in frail older adults. Nevertheless, those with negative attitudes on aging were reported to have bad perceptive condition compared to TILDA participants who weren’t classified as weak. Regarding those with positive attitudes about aging, the study indicated that they had likely cognitive abilities as their non-frail counterparts.


The researchers believe that the way we think, talk and write about getting old may have direct effects on our health. Aging is inevitable but it is generally unacceptable for some. Case in point is the beauty industry that thrives by turning back the clock every possible way, though painful both physically and in the wallet.


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