Let’s get physical to reverse the signs of aging

Vitality leads to longevity. Keeping your body strength even in your junior years will reward you with a longer life. So better treat your bones and muscles well earlier, and they’ll treat you well in return later.


Exercise is critical for the development of both the muscular and skeletal systems. Muscle strength declines as people age. But studies show that when they flex some of it, they are stronger and leaner than others in their age group. It may even help young ones to lower their risk of chronic pain in the future.


With this in mind, always prioritize building and maintaining the good condition of your crucial muscle as you give importance to your overall health. And now’s the time to do it. For sure, it will make a big difference 20 years and beyond down the road of your existence. If not, you’ll be sorry to see yourself having the difficulty, or not at all perform, even the basic actions, such as walking and bending, when you reach the senior age.


The skeletal muscles, the fibers anchored to the bones and tendons that allow motion and force, are pivotal to how the body functions. So, if you don’t give these muscles the “tender loving care” they deserve which begin to deteriorate as young as 25 years of age, you’re at risk of injury as well as an array of complications from incontin­ence to weak bones and increased risk for falls that often shortens lifespan in those over 65 years old.


Not only does exercise improve the muscle but it also makes the bone to be always in good shape. This living tissue, likewise, responds to a workout exercise by becoming stronger.


Young men and women, who engage in any physical activity on a regular-basis, achieve greater peak bone mass (maximum bone density and strength) than those who do not. The mass of bone peaks for most people in their 30’s. After which, they can begin to lose bone.


Body conditioning enables them to also maintain coordination and balance. This, in turn, helps to prevent falls and related fractures. This is especially important for older adults and people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.


Just as you toil hard to earn money to support your daily needs and save for your retirement, staying active while you’re young is also guaranteeing your future. The more you invest in your muscles and bones, the larger the base you have to function longer.  But please be reminded that it must be done in moderation. Even better, it would be great if you take a natural anti-aging supplement, NOVUSKIN LIFT, after your invigorating workout to maximize your potential in arresting the signs of aging.


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