In geriatrics, there are many contemporary images of aging that generally reinforce negative stereotypes of the elderly. Certain conditions do happen but their prevalence and severity have been exaggerated. That’s why some people are afraid of getting old.

One of the fallacies known is that as people age, their ability to learn often stops. This is a myth about aging that needs to be corrected. Learning patterns may change and speed of learning may diminish but the basic capacity to learn is retained.

University of Southern California Professor Margaret Gatz validated the fact that as a person gets older, his brain’s processing speed begins to slow, and the memory may occasionally short out. Recently, however, researchers discovered some surprising truths about what’s really happening in our heads as we age.

Their study found that the speed of brain processing is fastest at around 18 years of age. Slowly, it declines from that point forward. But that doesn’t change the fact that our vocabulary, written and verbal skills necessitate many more years before they peak in our 60s and 70s.

More often than not, we’re able to remember things we see (visual working memory) when we’re around 25. Nevertheless, our capacity to remember numbers doesn’t peak for another 10 years. Hence, short-term memory overall doesn’t take full shape until we reach middle age—generally around 35.

But before you realize that the twilight years are dawning unto you mentally, don’t forget to cheat aging physically at the very least. Start living a healthy and active lifestyle now. For sure, it will not only strengthen your body, but also helpful to sharpen your memory. Supplementation the natural way is, likewise, a big help.

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