Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life? You ought to take a countryside retreat in a day or two. If you think you’re not fit well to travel a distance, a staycation in the outlying suburbs in Metro Manila is a better option. After all, going on a hiatus, even if it’s just short-lived, is a great way to destress and, in some cases, contribute to your longevity.

Proof of which are studies comparing the biological effects of vacationing and meditation have found that both options improved stress regulation, immune function and other cellular markers in the blood. The end results? Long-lasting, physiological benefits.

Notable among the bodies of work done was that of the group of scientists from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and the University of California in San Francisco. They worked together to determine the effects of both meditation and vacation-induced relaxation on biological markers of aging and gene expression of the 94 female participants, aged between 30 and 60 years old.

Blood samples were taken from all of them immediately before and after the vacation. Their mental conditions, likewise, were tested at the pre- and post-stages of the study, with follow-up surveys taking place one month and 10 months after their break.

For six days, 64 of them—all healthy non-meditating women—were fortunately billeted in a resort. Some, nevertheless, had more planned for them than others. These two groups were then compared to a separate party of 30 meditating women, who are also enrolled in the retreat.

Published in Translational Psychiatry, the study identified significant transformations in expression of genes related to stress responses and immune function across all the three groups. These were attributed to the relaxation they enjoyed while on vacation in the resort. Even a month later, everyone reported enhancements in their vitality and well-being.

What’s more interesting is that those introduced to meditation seemed to sustain their increased chill longer than either the experienced meditators or the non-meditating participants. But those who meditated regularly prior to the study beat the others in measured activity of telomerase, the enzyme that increases the length at the end of our DNA (known as telomeres). Sounds great, especially for meditation buffs, since shorter telomeres are linked with the onset of both stress and aging-related illnesses.

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