Makeup is, more often than not, a necessity for women. It is part of their daily life like the simple regimens of brushing their teeth or styling their hair. Why not? It enhances their look, hence, boosting their confidence, especially when they deal with other people.

Beyond vanity, most of the members of Eve’s tribe would say that they somehow feel naked without makeup. So they can’t leave their homes or “comfort zones,” figuratively speaking, without even a dab of foundation on their face. Little did they know, however, makeup could mess up their lives. One way is that this cosmetic product can cause their skin and overall appearance to age quicker than usual.

Application-wise, a wrong brush stroke or makeup palletes can make one’s look older than her age. Some makeup habits also can add to their actual number of years of existence. While cosmetics are generally not harmful to the skin since they have gone through rigorous testing, it is highly suggested, though, that makeup should be removed every night before going to bed. Likewise, it’s recommended that giving the skin a break from makeup when possible is important as like freeing it from the harsh ingredients contained therein.

“Too much is too bad,” an adage says. So wearing a heavy makeup can be harmful. It can clog pores, making it difficult for the skin to breathe. Also, it can prevent sebum—a waxy lubricant that moisturizes the skin—to do its job, thus, paving the way for pimples to appear.

Makeup around the eyes can lead to irritation of such very sensitive area of the face and may potentially lead to an infection. Much more, it can lead to the development of damaging skin conditions, like eczema and dermatitis following a lifetime of wearing heavy makeup and product on the skin.

There are still manifold makeup brands out in the market that are chemical-laced. Because they are harmful, they can do more damage than good to the face. So it’s very important to check first the label that details the ingredients of a makeup. Strong chemicals, such as preservatives are a no-no because they strip away the natural defenses and dry out the skin. Choosing a makeup that is non-comedogenic is also helpful to ensure good skin health condition.

As always, you can’t go wrong with being simple. Go au naturel once in a while. It allows your natural beauty to stand out. With just a brush up of the brows and a swipe of light lipstick, voila, you can simply look good.

To help you get rid—if not now but later—of wearing make up, you may opt to up the ante of your skincare routine with supplementation. NOVUSKIN LIFT is so natural to help you arrest the signs of aging. Thanks to its complete mix of environmentally-derived antioxidants, collagen, vitamins and minerals, you can retain or gain the elixir of youth and, at the same time, achieve skin rejuvenation. So no need for you to wear makeup for life. #KeepThemGuessing #NovuskinLift

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