Everybody in his life has milk come in contact to his tastebud, hasn’t you? At birth, you sucked it from your mother’s breast for survival. And in growth years, you got it in formulas.

Milk has long been a go-to source for our needs of calcium and protein. If not, we turned to other dairy products, such as butter, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt, among others. It’s even an alternative for some who bathe with it as part of their skin regimen in their adult or senior years.

Yes, milk does a body good. While drinking it has always had clear benefits — from helping you reach the daily recommended dose of calcium to replenishing your body after a workout — there’s more to its impact than you know. Some of it is literally skin-deep.

Some, if not all nutritionists, are cynical about the other effects of dairy in our body, especially to our skin. For instance, milk from cow contains more calcium, protein, and other nutrients that it’s too heavy for human consumption. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ in the body where the toxins flush out—compensating for what the lungs and bowels cannot process out—it can cause a lot of bad effects on it.

Registered dietitian Maria Bella of Top Balance Nutrition says that there are skin problems linked to how much milk or any of the foods made from it is consumed. According to her, there is a very strong correlation between their intake and acne, skin breakouts and aging.

So who’s the culprit? Hormones. She says most of the cows used in farming are actually pregnant cows. The hormones injected to them, such as progesterone and insulin growth factors make their way into the milk we drink. She adds that upon consuming it, the result is increased levels of inflammation, skin breakdown, aging and acne. Also, it can cause excess sebum production, clogged pores, and even skin aging.

To deal with these concerns, simply refrain from drinking milk or eating other dairy products. The nutritionist suggests that removing it completely from the diet will help to determine how the skin responds. It’s best to do it for about 12 weeks or 120 days. This is an average life of a skin cell—just enough to see the improvements or difference.

Because eliminating dairy from your diet means you’re not getting enough calcium into the body, Bella says it’s vital to incorporate other non-dairy food sources that contain the critical mineral. Foods like sardines have a third of our daily calcium intake. Almond milk is loaded with calcium. Fortified tofu is really high, but also, soy beans and nuts have substantial amounts. One cup of dark leafy greens has about 150 milligrams of calcium, so eat more spinach, kale and broccoli.

Another tip for skin health: Supplementation. A daily dose of supplement like NOVUSKIN can complete the nutritional needs of your skin. It’s a complete package of everything you need from these powerhouse foods––collagen, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals––that shield the body from cell damage and even dry skin. #KeepThemGuessing #NovuSkinLift


Water, water everywhere, but not a drop on your dry skin.

This ironic statement mirrors how it’s, more often than not, taken for granted that people don’t tend to think of it in health or anti-aging terms. They should. After all, this so-called “universal solvent” is mostly equated to as a vital source of “life.”

By and large, water is an extremely important nutrient for survival. Apart from keeping us alive or just quenching our thirst, it has manifold benefits to our bodies so as to keep us healthy and to help reverse the aging process.

Just look at a house plant when you forget to water it, and look again after you do. It is dry, and if left unattended for an extended period, it will eventually die. We are no different. Our body and skin need plenty of water to achieve its optimal function and condition.

Water makes up more than 60 percent of our body weight. Without it, other nutrients in the form of food or supplement won’t be assimilated quickly and efficiently. This liquid matter moves in and out of the cells continuously, thus, dissolving nutrients and carrying them where they need to go. What’s more, water feeds our cells to give the energy we need.

Beyond these basic benefits, drinking enough water also helps us arrest the signs of aging. And these highly manifest in the skin. Dehydration in the biggest organ that covers the body shows in all sorts of ways—dryness, tightness, flakiness. Dry skin has less strength and is more susceptible to wrinkling. Loss of hydration in the long run leads to fine lines formation.

Another positive effect of water is it maintains skin moisture. Also, it is the vehicle for delivering essential nutrients to the skin cells. For soft, moist skin, drinking enough amount of water is very important. It’s natural, thus, more effective and, of course, cheaper than applying moisturizers or other dermatological concoctions.

Removing the wastes of the body is, likewise, a good use of water. This is by way of urine. So, when the intake of this fluid is reduced, the ability of the body to flush out toxins through urination is also diminished. Insufficient taking of water every day can result to repeated urinary tract infections.

Bowels are not enough to remove toxins, especially those that are soluble in water. Lack of water, thereby, causes constipation. When these wastes must then be eliminated through the skin, the increase in toxin levels of the body can cause headaches and fatigue. The attempt by the body to take out excess levels of unwanted chemicals via the skin can also end up to acne and will worsen eczema.

According to many experts, a person should drink about 64 ounces of water a day. Others claim that 1/2 ounce is equivalent to every one pound of body weight to account for all the water loss through the consumption of coffee, alcohol etc. Regardless of numbers, the best way is to drink as much as you can.

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Time flies too quickly. And when you woke up early today and you looked at yourself in the mirror, dang! Fine lines on your forehead and down your eyes greeted you a “good morning.” What an unpleasant surprise, indeed.

Well, you might have been very busy at work or any chosen vocation all your life that you’ve somehow not realized that you finally arrived at the twilight years. But it’s never too late to turn back the clock. Anti-aging routines can help you look your age or even better younger.

Thou shall remember that it’s like getting your body into shape. Just because you haven’t exercised before doesn’t mean you can’t start now and see great results. Even if you’ve crossed the thin line that separates the youth and acute times, you can still bring back the glow on your skin and actually undo signs of damage. Below are some of the ways to reverse the signs of aging and make all the difference between the old you to the new you.

Apart from your face, look after the rest of your body, too. The neck, chest, and hands are the key parts that expose your age. Make sure you don’t neglect those areas! If you give them tender loving care, for sure no one will ever know the true age of yours or that senior citizen card kept in your purse.

Moisturize. Following your morning shower sesh, or after you wash your face at night, dab a moisturizer right away to sink in the water in your skin. There are many choices out there, but prefer to choose natural products made from natural ingredients. Make sure to check the labels and watch out for the harmful chemicals in the products. Use a cream over a lotion. This helps your skin look soft and smooth, which can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Moisturize not only your face, but also hands because the skin there is one of the most sensitive parts of your body that deserve proper care.

Since you spend most of your time outdoors, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is the most important thing you can do now for younger-looking skin. While SPF won’t undo the sun damage your skin has already incurred, it’s the best way to prevent more signs of photoaging, like fine lines, age spots, and discoloration. So, whether you soak up the sun or not, better protect your skin with this than feel sorry in the end.

Still not feeling fine with fine lines? Blame it on inadequate skin hydration. Just like your dry throat, your dermal organ also thirsts for water. So, drink a lot of it—ideally eight to ten glasses each day. You also get some water from vegetables and fruits, so include those at every meal.

Supplementation. Supplementation. Supplementation. This is one of the golden rules for healthy and beauty regimens. So, complement your skin routine with a natural anti-aging supplement, NOVUSKIN LIFT. Thanks to its rejuvenating mix of marine fish collagen, plant-derived antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, one dose daily will help repair and rejuvenate the skin from within. This natural anti-aging supplement helps in averting premature skin aging and lessening the appearance of fine lines.

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Let’s get physical to reverse the signs of aging

Vitality leads to longevity. Keeping your body strength even in your junior years will reward you with a longer life. So better treat your bones and muscles well earlier, and they’ll treat you well in return later.


Exercise is critical for the development of both the muscular and skeletal systems. Muscle strength declines as people age. But studies show that when they flex some of it, they are stronger and leaner than others in their age group. It may even help young ones to lower their risk of chronic pain in the future.


With this in mind, always prioritize building and maintaining the good condition of your crucial muscle as you give importance to your overall health. And now’s the time to do it. For sure, it will make a big difference 20 years and beyond down the road of your existence. If not, you’ll be sorry to see yourself having the difficulty, or not at all perform, even the basic actions, such as walking and bending, when you reach the senior age.


The skeletal muscles, the fibers anchored to the bones and tendons that allow motion and force, are pivotal to how the body functions. So, if you don’t give these muscles the “tender loving care” they deserve which begin to deteriorate as young as 25 years of age, you’re at risk of injury as well as an array of complications from incontin­ence to weak bones and increased risk for falls that often shortens lifespan in those over 65 years old.


Not only does exercise improve the muscle but it also makes the bone to be always in good shape. This living tissue, likewise, responds to a workout exercise by becoming stronger.


Young men and women, who engage in any physical activity on a regular-basis, achieve greater peak bone mass (maximum bone density and strength) than those who do not. The mass of bone peaks for most people in their 30’s. After which, they can begin to lose bone.


Body conditioning enables them to also maintain coordination and balance. This, in turn, helps to prevent falls and related fractures. This is especially important for older adults and people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.


Just as you toil hard to earn money to support your daily needs and save for your retirement, staying active while you’re young is also guaranteeing your future. The more you invest in your muscles and bones, the larger the base you have to function longer.  But please be reminded that it must be done in moderation. Even better, it would be great if you take a natural anti-aging supplement, NOVUSKIN LIFT, after your invigorating workout to maximize your potential in arresting the signs of aging.


This natural anti-aging food supplement is so revolutionary with its unique mix of nature’s essentials, such as marine fish collagen, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals––all encapsulated in just one tablet. A gold standard in itself, NOVUSKIN LIFT is formulated with nature’s finest rejuvenating ingredients that work holistically to help repair the skin from within and help prevent premature skin aging.


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Aging is like a roller coaster ride of emotions

As cliché as it may sound, having a positive attitude towards life seals longevity. What more if you have lots of good feelings within you?

A new study published in the journal, Emotion, reveals that staying happy is not only the key to live longer. There are other sentiments where you can draw lengthy life from. If you always get excited, amused, proud or simply cheerful, inflammation throughout your body is more likely at its lowest level. Hence, your vulnerability to illnesses is guaranteed.

In analyzing the role of such variety of feelings to health and aging, researchers from the United States (US) and Germany has the 175 adult-participants (all in their mid-age) to record their emotional experiences daily. For a month, they listed how often and strong they experienced each of the 16 positive (like being enthusiastic, interested and at ease) and 16 negative (such as being scared, upset, jittery and tired) emotions. After six months, scientists tested their blood samples for markers of systemic inflammation, a known risk factor for many long-term health conditions and early demise.

Based on the results, those who felt a wide array of positive emotions daily showed less inflammation than others with a smaller range. Such finding was akin even after researchers controlled for attributes like extraversion and neuroticism, body mass index, use of medication, medical conditions and demographics. But a similar effect did not happen on the other end of the spectrum. So, it didn’t seem to matter for inflammation whether a person consistently experienced many or just a few varieties of negative feelings.


According to lead author Anthony Ong, people can optimize these benefits by taking a thorough observation of their emotions. If we imbibe more positive feelings in our lives, he said that it can lead to a daily practice of labeling and categorizing good emotions in cautious terms.

“Pay attention to your inner emotions and be able to mentally recognize situations that make you feel calm versus, say, excited,” said Ong, who is also a professor of human development at Cornell University.

While there are initiatives to control for outside factors, he accepted the fact that there could be surprising grounds why people who experience only few good emotions might have inflammation at a greater level. He said: “It could also be that people with higher inflammation, for some reason, may be the ones who tend to report lower levels of positive emotional diversity.”


This latest research, sans showing a cause-and-effect relationship, reinforces the relation of many kinds of happiness and improved health. What a good news, indeed!


Feeling overwhelmed? It would be better also if you complement it with positive ways to enhance yourself physically. Take good care of your body and live a healthy lifestyle by working out, avoiding bad vices, and having the right kind of diet. It’s best to also turn to supplementation with NOVUSKIN LIFT.


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Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life? You ought to take a countryside retreat in a day or two. If you think you’re not fit well to travel a distance, a staycation in the outlying suburbs in Metro Manila is a better option. After all, going on a hiatus, even if it’s just short-lived, is a great way to destress and, in some cases, contribute to your longevity.

Proof of which are studies comparing the biological effects of vacationing and meditation have found that both options improved stress regulation, immune function and other cellular markers in the blood. The end results? Long-lasting, physiological benefits.

Notable among the bodies of work done was that of the group of scientists from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and the University of California in San Francisco. They worked together to determine the effects of both meditation and vacation-induced relaxation on biological markers of aging and gene expression of the 94 female participants, aged between 30 and 60 years old.

Blood samples were taken from all of them immediately before and after the vacation. Their mental conditions, likewise, were tested at the pre- and post-stages of the study, with follow-up surveys taking place one month and 10 months after their break.

For six days, 64 of them—all healthy non-meditating women—were fortunately billeted in a resort. Some, nevertheless, had more planned for them than others. These two groups were then compared to a separate party of 30 meditating women, who are also enrolled in the retreat.

Published in Translational Psychiatry, the study identified significant transformations in expression of genes related to stress responses and immune function across all the three groups. These were attributed to the relaxation they enjoyed while on vacation in the resort. Even a month later, everyone reported enhancements in their vitality and well-being.

What’s more interesting is that those introduced to meditation seemed to sustain their increased chill longer than either the experienced meditators or the non-meditating participants. But those who meditated regularly prior to the study beat the others in measured activity of telomerase, the enzyme that increases the length at the end of our DNA (known as telomeres). Sounds great, especially for meditation buffs, since shorter telomeres are linked with the onset of both stress and aging-related illnesses.

Convincing enough, you now have reasons to book that vacation you’ve been longing for so long, considering that a couple of long weekends are coming up. So, mark your calendar now for that well-deserved hiatus to unwind and get some rest and recreation. Don’t forget, of course, to include in your traveling bag some NOVUSKIN LIFT tablets, apart from your usual dose of medicines.

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Pretty much, this quote can guide you to search for the magic of youth in the ballroom or bring you back to your dance community. And surely, you’ll find this both fun and healthy.

Studies have shown the benefits of dancing to Parkinson’s patients. Some revealed that the upbeat dance tempo stimulates old memories, creates new ones and even helps endure pain sans drugs. Others found out how a dance number with a partner works like an exercise or a workout that increases oxygen and blood flowing to the brain, decreases stress and helps manage weight.

Ballroom dancing combines all these advantages, and more, by integrating several things Gerontologists commonly deem as essential to “successful aging.” While considered “moderate” by medical experts, it can boost your heart rate, release more sweat, strengthen muscles, increase blood and oxygen to the brain and heart, tone up and/or lose weight, among others.

As always connected with exercise, your drive to get healthier by eating better, drinking more water, and caring for your body more follows when you do this, especially once “hooked” on it. So, expect to gain more vigor and radiance with your improved diet and overall wellness.

Because you follow steps for each ballroom dance, not to mention the footwork, hip action, routine, timing, posture, breathing, and even smiling, your mental or cognitive ability also is enhanced. By focusing your mind to give it your best shot and be in-sync with your partner, the brain neurons are awakened as synapses fire up.

Add music into it and your brain will go with the flow and motion. Forget about dementia, Alzheimer’s and other age-related memory loss when you keep dancing even at your senior years. Psychological-wise, using the opposite sides of your body while doing your number will also have your brain work left and right.

Because it takes two to tango, ballroom dancing also strengthens the bond that ties you and your better half, if not, fellow dancers. In doing so, you cooperate, grow and learn together. At times when you find it hard to follow the steps of the new number being taught by your dance instructor, you remain calm and positive until you get it right.

Since you keep yourself involved in social circles, learning a new skill and/or mentoring the new recruits enables you to share the glory with one another. Hence, your network is expanded and enriched, which is likewise proven to be effective in aging gracefully.

To keep your body energized as always, don’t forget your daily dose of NOVUSKIN LIFT, a natural food supplement that can complement your ballroom dancing to achieve that “fountain of youth.”

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You can head off a lot of your most common beauty concerns simply by downing the right foods. That’s right—eating well not only does wonders for your waistline and bolsters your immune system but can also provide some very real get-gorg benefits, such as smoothing wrinkles, giving hair a glossy shine and strengthening flimsy nails. Your diet directly affects your day-to-day appearance and plays a significant role in how well you age. Create a plan that includes the building blocks of healthy skin and hair nutrients, minerals and fatty acids, as well as antioxidants to protect your body from damaging environmental stresses. Get ready to nab some beauty-boosting perks by tossing these essential face-saving edibles into your grocery cart.

The summertime fave is loaded with lycopene. “This antioxidant compound gives watermelon and tomatoes their red color—and helps skin stave off UV damage,” says nutrition pro Keri Glassman, RD, founder of NutritiousLife.com . Researchers believe that the melon contains as much as 40 percent more of the phytochemical than raw tomatoes; that’s the equivalent of an SPF 3, so use it to bolster (not replace) your daily dose of sunscreen.

The seeds of this wonder fruit are bursting with antioxidants, like vitamin C, that prevent fine lines, wrinkles and dryness by neutralizing the free radicals that weather skin.

Boost radiance by popping some of these plump little beauties. Blueberries supply vitamins C and E (two antioxidants that work in tandem to brighten skin, even out tone and fight off free-radical damage), as well as arubtin, a natural derivative of the skin lightener hydroquinone.

Like you need another reason to love them: These rich fruits are high in oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid that helps skin retain moisture in the outer layer to keep it soft, plump and supple.

The sweet melon contains beta carotene, or vitamin A, which is believed to regulate the growth of skin cells on your scalp and sebum in the skin’s outer layer. This keeps pores from getting clogged and causing flakes.

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There’s nothing like cuddling up for a hug with your sweetie after a long day at work. Now research suggests that loving feeling is good for more than just a Saturday-night snugglefest.

A new study from the University of California, Berkeley says that oxytocin—known as the “love hormone” and which is responsible for those warm fuzzies you feel when bonding with a lover or loved one, or looking at a cute photo of a baby or puppy—may have anti-aging and restorative properties. Read more at (link)

Our levels of oxytocin drop as we age, so the study, which was published in the journal Nature Communications, looked at younger mice as well as older mice who had muscle damage and deterioration. The researchers then injected the older mice with oxytocin and compared their muscle healing with the younger mice. Initially the older mice had lower levels of the hormone than the younger mice, but after nine days, the researchers found that the older mice who were given the oxytocin healed faster than the younger mice. In fact, their ability to heal was up to 80 percent faster than the younger mice.

While oxytocin kicks into high gear during and immediately after childbirth, and is present in both men and women, it’s not known how much is needed to stay healthy. That the results of this study were fast-acting leave the researchers hopeful that oxytocin could be the key to anti-aging remedies in the future.

In fact, the authors also noted that a growing circle of medical professionals believe aging to be the underlying cause of a number of chronic diseases, including Parkinson’s and type 2 diabetes, so if they’re able to specifically target those aging processes with oxytocin, it’s possible that one day it could be used to slow down the rate at which we age and thus delay the onset of those diseases.

Obviously, the study was done on mice, not humans, so the results can’t necessarily be generalized to humans, but if nothing else, it serves as a good excuse to go out and give someone a hug.

Might as well make sure that you complement your lifestyle with NOVUSKIN LIFT, a natural anti-aging supplement with a unique formulation of natural rejuvenating extracts from marine fish collagen, plant-derived antioxidants and co-factor nutrients works synergistically to help achieve younger-looking and healthier skin.


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The Hunger Gains: To diet or to die it for

The concept that organisms can live healthier and last longer by significantly reducing their energy intake is not new, though, sounds appetizing, especially for those still longing that it’s actually true.

Case in point is a study that showed the anti-aging value of calorie restriction (CR) in animals like rats has an implication that the same might be true for humans. Another research revealed that the so-called “fasting-mimicking diet,” controlled eating in five days a month for every quarter period—and repeated at intervals as needed—is “safe, feasible and effective in reducing risk factors for aging and age-related diseases.”

Some investigations, however, contested and spoiled the idea that CR prolongs longevity. What a bitter pill to swallow if indeed be?

One emerging evidence is a finding that the CR-related hike in longevity of over 60,000 mice and rats under the ad libitum (AL) feeding regimen, conducted by a National Institute on Aging-sponsored project, is not universal and may not even be shared among different strains of the same species.


We, people, love cheese, but we’re not mice! And not all that have been proven to enhance animal health have the same effect in humans. What’s more, no strong evidence has emerged to claim that long-term CR can prolong human life in a meaningful way.


It’s like if you lessen your calorie intake by 25 percent than what your body requires, you could add up six months to your lifespan; yet it could be detrimental by having you live with a colder than normal body temperature, mitigated metabolic rate, and possibly reduced libido. Much worse, morbidly speaking, you’ll end up without knowing that you actually starve yourself to death.


Some researchers still prescribe that pharmaceutical approaches offer greater anti-aging potential than “inefficient and apparently harmful” diets. The important thing, according to them, is if you’re doing a healthy diet, exercising, or even undergoing meditation, you can turn back the clock or live longer, without making life miserable by counting every single calorie.

Get physical for an active lifestyle. This is one of the non-restrictive, proactive strategies to delay premature aging. A 20-minute exercise, three or four times a week, has positive effects on the release of neurotransmitters and growth factors that foster a young and healthy brain.

Meditation by sitting and not think about anything can also improve brain health. It also corrects chronic stress and cognitive decline that impact aging.


Of course, supplementation offers added benefits. And what brand to turn to? No less than the NOVUSKIN LIFT––nature’s essentials for the younger-looking you. Formulated with nature’s wondrous ingredients, it ups the ante of skincare. Look radiant and younger than your age with this food supplement as it combines natural anti-aging extracts, mainly marine fish collagen, plant-derived antioxidants and co-factor nutrients.


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