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More and more people today religiously succumb to a rigorous workout regime just to achieve that perfect, gorgeous body. But have you ever wondered that your skin could do with some exercise, too?   A long day at work, stress, plus pollution can take a toll on your skin. This manifests in the form of […]


When someone’s asked about age, he or she, more often than not, makes face. Betcha do it, don’tcha? What’s to be ashamed of if it’s just a number. Everybody undergoes a natural process of getting old. So might as well accept and embrace it.   You kinda think that it’s easier said than done (with […]

Oldie is but goodie

So you woke up this morning, wash your face and, then, unintentionally glanced at yourself in the mirror. Alas! That freaking fine line on your forehead is getting noticeably more prominent.   Sign of aging, as they say. But instead of frowning at the thought that you’re looking mature than your actual age, smile to […]

The invisible foe hardly anyone else knows about

On average, we do breathe 20,000 times a day. But are we damaging our body, especially our skin, instead of sustaining our very existence? While automatically we don’t cease breathing, otherwise we add to the departed ones, we probably had once or a lot of times in our lifetime gave it a second thought that […]