Aging is like a roller coaster ride of emotions

As cliché as it may sound, having a positive attitude towards life seals longevity. What more if you have lots of good feelings within you?

A new study published in the journal, Emotion, reveals that staying happy is not only the key to live longer. There are other sentiments where you can draw lengthy life from. If you always get excited, amused, proud or simply cheerful, inflammation throughout your body is more likely at its lowest level. Hence, your vulnerability to illnesses is guaranteed.

In analyzing the role of such variety of feelings to health and aging, researchers from the United States (US) and Germany has the 175 adult-participants (all in their mid-age) to record their emotional experiences daily. For a month, they listed how often and strong they experienced each of the 16 positive (like being enthusiastic, interested and at ease) and 16 negative (such as being scared, upset, jittery and tired) emotions. After six months, scientists tested their blood samples for markers of systemic inflammation, a known risk factor for many long-term health conditions and early demise.

Based on the results, those who felt a wide array of positive emotions daily showed less inflammation than others with a smaller range. Such finding was akin even after researchers controlled for attributes like extraversion and neuroticism, body mass index, use of medication, medical conditions and demographics. But a similar effect did not happen on the other end of the spectrum. So, it didn’t seem to matter for inflammation whether a person consistently experienced many or just a few varieties of negative feelings.


According to lead author Anthony Ong, people can optimize these benefits by taking a thorough observation of their emotions. If we imbibe more positive feelings in our lives, he said that it can lead to a daily practice of labeling and categorizing good emotions in cautious terms.

“Pay attention to your inner emotions and be able to mentally recognize situations that make you feel calm versus, say, excited,” said Ong, who is also a professor of human development at Cornell University.

While there are initiatives to control for outside factors, he accepted the fact that there could be surprising grounds why people who experience only few good emotions might have inflammation at a greater level. He said: “It could also be that people with higher inflammation, for some reason, may be the ones who tend to report lower levels of positive emotional diversity.”


This latest research, sans showing a cause-and-effect relationship, reinforces the relation of many kinds of happiness and improved health. What a good news, indeed!


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